Earth Centre

Working towards a sustainable future and livable planet


The Earth Centre, an independent think tank, will strive towards realization of sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a social and ecological experiment located in the context of India. The Earth Centre is an arrangement to pursue our work in environmental education and research in more ambitious ways, so as to reach more people. The Earth Centre which is envisaged ‘working towards a sustainable future’ is a step in this direction. Earth Centre envisions for ‘a world where human progress is realized through environmental care and protection’


Earth centre mission envisages firstly to interlock high quality applied research, capacity building, and secondly to work on policy focused dissemination and debate, environmental solutions to provide employment and training opportunities thirdly the centre would create leaders for today and tomorrow to ensure care and protection of ecological capital


Besides conducting high-end training and policy research, the centre would indirectly work with partners to reach out to various other stakeholders and development practitioners at cutting edge level.  The centre will be working to reach out to all the strategic players at the program and policy level.


The Earth Centre will be located near Anmaspalli, which is just 20 Kms away from the Hyderabad airport. It is located in a semi-arid zone, adjacent to a forest area, in a rural   environment.


Since the centre is being developed as a dedicated world class institute on environmental research and education, the centre will be shaped, in the long run, into an ecological niche, showcasing environmentally sound technologies, practices and enterprises.