Vanaprerana Udyamam


As per environment ministry of India, 33 % of green cover is a basic requisite for the ecological balance of a region. However large part of the country has a scanty vegetative cover.


Vanaprerana Udyamam is a massive tree plantation initiative by CGR to restore green cover and  ecological balance in semi-arid areas. The programme is facilitated through varied approaches and means by promoting societal participation.


Children are the hope of the future of new India. A nation grows with its children who are just like the buds that bloom into flowers and leave behind a fragrance. These tender children have to be shaped and guided to save our common future. By inculcating the seed of environmental conservation in young minds, CGR strives to create earth leaders. Hence, children are the key stakeholders in all its programmes


Objectives of the programme are…

  • To enhance green cover and restore ecological balance in degraded and vulnerable landscapes
  • To sow the seed of environmental leadership in young minds
  • Sensitize and promote societal responsibility towards the conservation of nature

Profile of programme (2010-’17)

       Schools                    3,538

       Villages                  12,485

       School Students     9,46,330

        Planted saplings   32,23,632

Vanachaitanya Yatra  

The programme is facilitated by involving high school children since 2010. The programme includes a prior methodical process of awareness, motivation and orientation camps, rallies.  CGR has introduced eco-friendly teachers, green soldiers’ concept, Vrikshabandan on Rakshabandan day and Birth day to the saplings, green record book, Vanaprerana certificates.


Bangaru Telanganaku Balala Haritaharam:

 During 2015 & 16 CGR was a partner in prestigious Haritaharam programme by Telangana Government.  CGR facilitated the programme through school children in Nizamabad, Warangal, Medak districts.

Kalam Smruthivanams:

In 2016 Initiated Kalam Smruthivanams which are aimed to create serene green school premises to perpetuate the memory of Dr. Kalam and to inspire the stream of students that pass through the annals of the school.



in 2017 CGR has initiated the promotion of Balikavanams in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV)s. The programme aims to plant and nurture fruit bearing, medicinal, flowering; shady saplings which will provide nutritional, health and ecological needs girl students.

Sparks of Inspiration

Planted in Neighbours house

Shekar, a student of 8th class from Tudukurthi village, Mahabubnagar district, has planted in his neighbour’s house due to the paucity of space in his house. The plants are growing healthier with his thorough care and protection.


A son’s three day green fast            

Naveen, a 8th class student from Kalwakurthy, Mahabubnagar district, created a sensation. Inspired by CGRs green mission in his village, he was on fast for three days and persuaded his uncle to give up selling wood. He succeeded as his uncle gave it up and had chosen other business. In the process he ensured protection of number of big trees from felling for the purpose of selling them.


There is a will hence there is a fence

Rajesh Goud, a 9th class student from Velijal village, Mahabubnagar district didn’t lose the zeal though  he finds its difficult to get Rs.2 for a coil of  jute thread required for fence. He made it through the threads of old saris of his mother and fenced the plant. The plants are growing taller and healthy in the unique fence because of his tender care. He was awarded with best green student and became popular through pamphlets and media for his commitment.


The green school

Young minds and tender hands made a difference. Gaddampalli School in Telkapalli mandal, Mahabubnagar district is one of the greenest schools with ample tree cover. A new mile stone in the green journey of the school is that the students with the support and facilitation of CGR, Vandemataram and teachers have started a nursery to make the village green. Children eagerly worked on soil mixing, cover filling, planting seeds and seedlings in the covers. Thanks to the support of school management and villagers, its a rare green initiative which stands as a model for many schools in and around the region.

Smruthi Vanam

Programme motivates people to plant ‘Memorial orchards/gardens’ either by themselves or by CGR in the memory of their departed ancestors and their loved ones will always be remembered. By sensitizing households CGR could promote the planting of 9930 saplings through seven programmes.



Our ancestors bequeathed to us a culture of conserving nature, which fulfilled all the needs of the humans. The programme is aimed to make planting, protection of trees an integral part of our social, spiritual, cultural life. The programme aims to plant and conserve sacred native Indian trees like Devatha Vrukshalu, Pancha Maha Vrukshalu, Nakshatra Vrukshalu and sacred groves. By involving temples and spiritual centres CGR organizes Jammi Mahotsavam on the occasion of Dasara, Shivaratri & Karthika Pournami by distributing sacred saplings such as  Jammi (Mimosa) and Maredu (Bel), Amla and Neem as “Prasad” to the devotees and spreading message through priests, scholars and pandits. CGR so far could distribute 10,786 sacred sapling through this programme. 


Green Village

Green village is a big initiative envisioned to change the face of rural areas through holistic plan of ecological restoration and sustainable development initiatives by involving village youth. Since 2011, CGR has facilitated planting of 2,34,243 saplings 



  • Highest survival of planted saplings.
  • 1 Day-1 Million saplings planted by 2 lakhs students in Manjeera Vana Chaitanya Yatra.
  • One day One lack plantation in Hyderabad on11th July 2016
  • CGR’s idea of celebrating Birthday of the sapling included in Manamu-Mana Parisaralu (English & Telugu), 5th Class Science text book, SCERT, AP, 2013. (Page 31-33)